Patent № 2271671


Method of cultured milk foods production, method of its milk processing, production line for cultured milk foods and milk processing equipment for the line.

This milk processing method (tindallization) may be used for getting pasteurized whole or reconstituted milk and cultured milk foods based on it with a long period of storage and improved organoleptic indicator. Milk processing and next operations are performed in the presence of polyphosphoric acid derivative which is dissolved in milk. Milk processing is carried out with double pasteurization, bottling and packaging is carried out by sealing-in at 68-72 °C before the second pasteurization. The leaven is put into milk package while ultraviolet irradiation is influencing leaven placement zone, followed by final package sealing-in.

The invention also lies in milk processing method, where after the first pasteurization the milk is heated at 68-72 °C for not less than 15 minutes for drinking milk and not less than 5 minutes for dairy products, the bottling is carried out by sealing-in after this heating at the above temperatures, then the hermetically sealed milk is cooled down to 12-37 °C and is kept at that temperature for not less than 30 minutes. The second pasteurization is carried out after the above heating process by heating the milk up to 68-72 °C with the speed not less than 10 °C /sec.

Inventions also lie in the structure of the line for carrying out the method of cultured milk foods production and in the structure of milk processing equipment necessary for the implementation of the above method of milk processing. This allows providing more thorough milk sterilization and the exclusion of secondary products contamination during their production at all stages.

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