Viktor Vasilyevich Marchenko

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zelyonye Listya Group of companies.

In 1956 was born in Vyazemsky town of Khabarovsk Territory.  In 1983 graduated from Vladivostok State Medical Institute, in 1984-1986 worked as a surgeon in a hospital of Vostok-2 settlement.

Inspired by the experience of creating YRC (Youth Residential Complex) in Sverdlovsk city, Viktor Marchenko has embodied the ideology of this unique social movement in Primorsky Territory; from 1986 to 1989 he had headed YRC organizing committee. YRC is one of the few phenomena in the history of the USSR, which received people’s positive assessment and gave a positive response in the public life of the country. People with active lifestyle joined YRC, and only the best of them -- creative, motivated, educated, born organizers -- could pass the rigorous selection.

In 1990 Viktor Marchenko founded and became the head of Zelyonye Listya Group of companies. The organization has several lines of activity (construction, manufacture and trade, and innovation) and is guided in the first place by innovation in all areas of its work. Zelyonye Listya’s main goal is to provide the region with high-quality products and to improve the quality of life of Primorsky Territory population through the implementation of new projects, the launch of new products and the adoption of new technologies.

Viktor Marchenko is the author/co-author of 5 research papers together with Doctor of Engineering Valery Aleksandrovich Sotnikov, of one patent of the Russian Federation and one patent application for the Patent Cooperation Treaty international system. Designed with his direct participation, food products have repeatedly won gold medals and honorary diplomas of the leading exhibitions of the Russian Far East.

Viktor Marchenko’s scientific work is in many respects directed on the preservation of natural properties of a product.  His love to everything natural and native is expressed in his hobbies: rafting, tourism, hiking to the most remote and unexplored corners of our country. Viktor Marchenko’s large travel experience is captured in his photographs. A collection of unique pictures, where one can see the nature of Russia in its full diversity, adorns the walls of ZelyonyeListya office.

© Viktor Marchenko, 2014
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