Patent No 2222952


1. The method of making drinking milk implies its preliminary heating, homogenizing and pasteurizing in multistage rotary pulsation apparatus with the influence on the milk of acoustic vibrations produced in it, characterized by the fact that the homogenizing and pasteurizing in this apparatus are carried out with the increase of the value of speed gradient of milk displacement in the gaps between the stator and the rotor. At the same time the part of the used milk is repeatedly sent to multistage rotary pulsation apparatus, where the preheating of the base milk is carried out by means of infrared radiation influence, after which it goes through bactofuge process in order to separate inactivated microorganisms.

2. The same method as in section 1, which differs as milk preheating is carried out by means of short influence of infrared radiation.

3. Drinking milk production line, which includes base milk collector, multistage rotary pulsation apparatus, cooler and processed milk collector, located along the technological process and interconnected by pipeline system, remarkable by the fact that it is supplied with heat exchanger with infrared radiation source, bactofuge and intermediate tank, installed after the base milk collector, as well as by milk bottling and packaging equipment, placed after the cooler, while the outlet of multistage rotarypulsation apparatus is connected with the inlet of the intermediate tank making the outline of recycled milk, through three-way stopcock, one outlet of which is connected to milk cooler.

4. The line of section 3, wherein the multistage rotary pulsation apparatus is equipped with milk heating thermoregulator connected to the driving gear of distribution valve of three-way stopcock.

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