Patent No 2354229


The kvass production method includes the preparation of kvass wort from its concentrated product with extract-containing components, mixing wort with sugar-containing product, heating it, preparation of leaven made by means of dilution of dry yeast, attenuation of kvass wort with yeast leaven and the cooling of the fermented wort. Extract-containing components are placed only in case the cooled kvass wort contains solids before fermentation with 3.90-3.95 mass %. Kvass wort is heated after its preparation up to 95-100 C° during 25-30 min. The dilution of dry yeast into kvass wort is made at fermentation temperature, and at once the bottling of the received mixture is made into heat and pressure resistant consumer’s containers with its hermetical sealing-in at the same time.Then the fermentation is carried out in a tightly-closed consumer‘s containers at fermentation temperature.

While kvass production, the pasteurized fruit, vegetable and (or) flavoring additives may be added into consumer’s package before bottling. The kvass, bottled into consumer’s package, can be pasteurized in tunnel pasteurizer after fermentation. The method allows to increase kvass resistance, to improve its taste by sudden decrease of the product secondary infection and by limiting yeast fermentation process after bottling, to simplify, accelerate and reduce the cost of kvass production method.

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