Innovative agrocomplex «Zelyonye Listya»


Zelyonye Listya Group of companies is working about project “Innovative agrocomplex “Zelyonye Listya” in an area of 7 000 hectares in Khankaiskiy region in Primorye. The “Innovative agrocomplex “Zelyonye Listya” is part of the list of priority investment projects of Administration of Primorye.

The composition of the project:

* Dairy farm for 1800 heads of dairy cattle

* Processing plant and dairy capacity of 50 tons per day

* Grain processing complex capacity of 40 tons per year

* Grassland productivity of 81 thousand tons of high quality food in a year

* Greenhouse capacity of 1,000 tons of vegetables a year

* The energy range of 4.0 mW output power / thermal power of 20 mW

* Construction of 400 houses in the village, based on the principles of YLC, with the presence of mini-farms in each individual farms

* Agrotechnopark (including the production of fuel briquettes 27 thousand tons per year)

The objectives of the project:

1. Increase the number of breeding cattle

According to the data of Administration the deficit of number of breeding cattle in Primorye is more than 50%. The Project will allow for three years to increase the number of breeding cattle in Primorye at the 7650 goals.

2. Increase in milk production

The deficiency of the production of raw milk in Primorye is 86%. The project will reduce the current deficit of the production of raw milk 18, 250tons per year.

3. The development of fallow land

In 2010 Khankaisky region has 35 000 hectares of sown area, introduced in turnover 4999 of hectares of fallow land. The project will provide an introduction to the turnover of 7,000 hectares of fallow land. Advanced manufacturing sciences of treatment processing of soil will improve its fertility, leading to increased yields by an average of 40%.

4. Job creation.

The project will create 400 new jobs in Khankaisky region. The average salary of employees will be 35,000 rubles.

5. Professional Development

On the basis of agricultural technological progress in the implementation of the Project is planned agrarian training, implementation of maintenance and repair techniques, the establishment of research facilities and the introduction of new technologies for agricultural development.

6. Construction of new housing in the countryside

In the framework of the project envisages the construction of housing for professionals in the agrocomplex in Khankayskiy region.

7. Development of small and medium-sized enterprises

The project, as the anchor Company and serving as a business incubator will create favorable conditions for development of small and medium-sized enterprises: an increase in the number of private farms, mini-production, and family farm.

8. Introduction of innovation

Competitiveness of the Project is achieved by using its own technology for the processing of milk - tindalization. This technology is the intellectual property of the “Zelyonye Listya” company and patented in Russia, New Zealand and Japan.

© Viktor Marchenko, 2014
Zelyonye Listya Group of companies