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The history of Zelyonye Listya Group of companies has more than 20 years. We have been developing various fields of our activities: building materials production, milk processing and cultured milk foods production. Our innovation field can be emphasized separately. Our company’s research base is more than 10 years old.

Today we are among the top three milk processing leaders in Primorsky Territory. Our plans are to increase the production of milk, dairy products and soft drinks, to output new products, which are unique for Primorsky Territory and the whole country, and to implement innovative projects in agriculture field and construction materials production.

The key principle of our work is the development and the adoption of innovations in our work. Zelyonye Listya is the company which always aims forward, puts new goals, and successfully achieves them. Energy of renewal is our main idea and slogan.


Residents of Primorsky Territory know Zelyonye Listya Group of companies for its milk. After purchasing the first milk factory in 1999 the company has been uninterruptedly improving milk processing technologies, introducing its own developments, producing unique products, modernizing equipment at its own factories and increasing their capacities.

Today the production and sales direction of Zelyonye Listya Company is represented by two milk factories in Khorol and Spasskoe villages as well as by trade, logistics and distribution business units.

In 1991 Kombinat Stroitelnikh Materiyalov Building Materials Complex became the part of Zelyonye Listya Group of companies.

A separated important step in the company’s history is the launch of Innovative agrocomplex Zelyonye Listya project and we are actively working on it at the present time.


At present Zelyonye Listya Company produces more than 50 items of dairy products, cultured milk foods and soft drinks. Innovative technologies are being introduced, sales geography is widening, goods assortment is increasing. All these factors as well as stable high quality and naturalness of produced goods allow the company to more and more win consumers’ love and recognition.

The technology of unstrained and unpasteurized alive kvass production based on milk whey was created, patented and introduced at one of Zelyonye Listya Company’s milk factories.

Compote is a natural, traditional Russian drink; a completely new product for the company, released for sale in 2011 and it has immediately become popular.

The company’s another important achievement is its own developments in the field of tea fungus drink production. It is a unique product containing lots of useful substances including vitamins and amino acids. Its gives beneficial effects for the body: increases efficiency, supports physical and mental activity and improves health in general.

Awards, Prizes, and Participation in Exhibitions and Fairs

During the whole period of production, the company has received more than 100 awards in different competitions and exhibitions, such as Trademark of the Year, The best 100 products of Primorsky Territory (part of The best 100 products of Russia competition), received the grand gold medal at DalAgroPischeProm Far East agriculture and food exhibition, etc. Zelyonye Listya Company has also won the VII Business-Awards of Primorsky Territory in the Developing Business in Primorsky Territory category.

Innovations, Technologies, and Patents

A special pride of the company is tindallization technology. This unique innovation allows saving all nutrients of fresh milk for more than 60 days. The tindallization technology is patented by Zelyonye Listya Company in Russia, New Zealand and Japan.

Today the company has 9 patents for its own innovations in biotechnologies in food industry. We also work on getting the approval of patents in energy saving field.

A part of the company’s own innovations has been successfully introduced and commercialized. Others are planned to be introduced within Innovative agrocomplex Zelyonye Listya project.

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