Patent № 2354230


The kvass production method includes the preparing of kvass wort , mixing wort with sugar syrup and its heating, preparing the fermentation in the form of dilution of dry yeast, fermentation of kvass wort with yeast leaven, cooling fermented wort and kvass clearing followed by removal of yeast sediment.

The mixture of kvass wort with sugar-containing products is received in case the cooled kvass wort contains solids before fermentation with 3.9-4.6 mass %. After making kvass wort, the latter is pasteurized at 95-98 °C for 40-50 minutes, or boiled at 100 °C. At the same time the dilution of dry yeast into kvass wort is made at fermentation temperature and at once the bottling of the received mixture is made into heat and pressure resistant consumer’s containers with its hermetical sealing-in at the same time. Then the fermentation is carried out in a tightly-closed consumer‘s containers at fermentation temperature.

The clearing of the kvass, prepared in accordance with section 1, is carried out by means of its cooling and holding in a tightly closed container with vertical lid with the gasket down, until the appearance of yeast sediment which is removed without changing the direction pose of the container by means of perforation with a needle probe of lid gasket, made of the material having elastic deformation property.

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