Off-formwork Vibroforming Line


OFVL is the off-formwork vibroforming of concrete items with previously tensed reinforcement – structure elements of assembly and monolithic building frame, and installations of various social and economic purposes.

Off-formwork vibroforming line will produce the following items:

- Floor slab, width– 1500 mm, 1200 mm, height 220 mm, length up to 12m.

- Collar Beam, 310x250 mm, 400x250 mm, length up to 8 m.

- Columns without collar beam according to project, length up to 9 m.

- Blunt end pile 300x300mm, length up to 12 m.

- Curbstone, of various length

- Barbridge, 2ПБ, ЗПБ, 5ПБ, cuttingaccording to gap.

All items will be produced in heated workrooms - in the most favorabletechnological conditions for thereinforced concrete items.

The length of items, produced on off-formwork vibroforming line depends on architectural decisions. At the same time the calculated loading and seismic stability up to 9 points are guaranteed. Today long-length floor slabs (from 9 to 12 m) are not produced by the existingbelt conveyor andcartridgetechnologies. The use of previously tensed reinforcement on off-formwork vibroforming line decreases the resource-intensiveness of reinforced concrete production. The result is minimum construction cost.

According to the enterprises, which mastered in different regions of Russia the construction of buildings with Universal House-building System assembly and monolithic structure, the latter ifcompared with monolithicbuildings have the following:

- Metal elementary discharge lower at 32%

- Reinforced concrete elementary discharge lower at 35%

- Cost of building case construction lower at 24%

Universal House-building System (UHS)

UHS is the universal house-building system of assembly and monolithic framework technology based on reinforced concrete items of off-formwork vibroforming line.

Today there is no single reinforced concrete item producer in Primorsky Territory, which would manufacture the whole list of the products needed for UHS house building.

Distinctive features of this technology:

- Construction companies do not need considerable capital investment in purchasing construction rigging (as it is needed for monolithic house-building) for the introduction of new house-building system;

- The option of free-pattern planning is kept;

- Design reliability was improved as its basic elements are made at the factory;

- Rate of construction is higher as compared with other house-building systems;

- Year-round cycle of construction with minimal costs in the winter;

- Volume of work is considerably reduced, including several times reduced amount of wet-mix processes at bearing collar beams;

- Braced color beams are left monolithic and concealed in the covering disc level;

- The conjunction of collar beam with column became more reliable.

Advantages of UHS Based on Off-formwork Vibroforming Line

Reinforced concrete items of off-formwork vibroforming line and USH open new possibilities for all construction market participants.

For investors:

- Increase the investment efficiency and construction quality;

- High quality of reinforced concrete items of off-formwork vibroforming line combined with the possibility of large volume of its production ensures high rates of UHS housing construction in all market sectors (commercial, social, residential, industrial, etc.);

- Functional flexibility in construction, risk minimization, maximum investment efficiency;

For designers:

- ПБ floor slabs up to 12 m length provide new quality opportunities to satisfy clients’ interests;

- Free-pattern planning and compliance with the requirements of social housing buildings guarantee architectural variety of cities;

- Fireproof construction facilities, structural reliability, better use of space;

For constructers:

- Low cost of reinforced concrete of off-formwork vibroforming line combined with UHS high manufacturability provides high profitability of construction companies;

- The use of reinforced concrete of off-formwork vibroforming line in other house-building technologies to enhance their manufacturability and quality of the constructed buildings;

- Simple method of quality control, high factory readiness, cheaper and faster installation;

- Less consumption of reinforced concrete due to light framework of houses. UHS assembly and monolithic structure has smaller expenditure of concrete and metal per square meter of a floor slab.

For homeowners:

- UHS is applied in all areas, including multi-level and low-rise building construction;

- Assembly and monolithic technology perfectly combines with all kinds of modern warming of filler structures, which provides an optimal combination of thermal protection and heat build-up of buildings;

- Reduction in capital investment and operating costs to increase energy efficiency and life cycle of buildings.

UHS Possibilities for Mass Construction

Russian construction market is characterized by high demand for housing. The crisis of 2009 has accelerated the adoption on the governmental level of systemized set of measures for the development of housing on key issues - in the field of ​​land use and construction financing (mortgage).The system of governmental stimulation of the development of the construction market pays special attention to stabilizing and expansion of the market of affordable social housing (economy class housing). The construction of social housing is the most perspective area of ​​the development of the Russian construction market for the next decade. Only high-tech approaches to building in Russia can give the solution for long-term tasks to provide sudden increase of the quantity, the availability of comfortable housing and compliance with strict requirements of building reliability, architectural expression, reliable operation and the achievement of final economic results.

Universal house-building system (assembly and monolithic technology) in full measure ensures the construction of mass economy class housing.

Reaching the full capacity of off-formwork vibroforming line (OFVL) in 2012 shall ensure the production of the whole range of UHS reinforced concrete items. Resource-saving advantages of reinforced concrete items of off-formwork vibroforming line and related to the line UHS shall create reliable infrastructure conditions for:

- Formation and successful development of the regional market for social housing construction;

- Annual increase in construction volume;

- Increase of the housing availability as part of the governmental, regional and municipal development programs.

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