Kvass Production Technology


Original and unprecedented technology of making unstrained and unpasteurized alive kvass with berry and vegetablefilling, but with extended period of storage (not less than 30 days). In this case a number of patented technological methods is used, which essentially imply thermostatic kvass fermentation directly in consumer’s package and which do not require the use of fermentation tanks proposed by Doctor of Engineering, Professor Valery A. Sotnikov.

Production of Kvasura and Hlebniy types of kvass is established in Molochniye Prodykti LLC belonging to Zelyonye Listya Holding Company.

Ourkvassis made ofonly natural ingredients:rye,barley andmilletmalt, as well as on the basis of whey.

Our kvass is fermenting, like champagne, directly in a battle becoming saturated with its own but not technical (like in lemonade and artificial kvass) carbon dioxide, preserving rich bouquetof flavorsof alivedraughtkvass.

And like with draught kvass, our kvass leaves a typical yeast sediment layer at the bottom of a bottle.

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